Jumma: 1st Khutbah 1.30pm︱2nd Khutbah 2pm
June 21, 2024

1:30 pm

1 Hours 59 Minutes
Begins2:40 am4:43 am1:08 pm6:40 pm9:25 pm10:42 pm
Jama’ah3:15 am1:30 pm7:30 pm9:30 pm10:55 pm



Sheikh Bodrul Hussain is one of our teachers at Darul Ummah Academy Goresbrook.

After obtaining a degree in Economics, he enrolled at a local Islamic seminary and was issued a certificate for completing the 7-year course according to the traditional Dars Nizami syllabus.

In addition to teaching in the maktab, he teaches Arabic Language, Tafsir of the Quran, and Fiqh lessons. Additionally, he collaborates with a group of scholars involved in the translation of numerous Arabic texts into English.

His prior experience includes working in the Media, the Education sector, and the NHS. He currently works as a Technical Consultant for a Software company.

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Hafiz Emdadur Rahman was one of our very first Imams at Darul Ummah Goresbrook and led the Taraweeh Salah during the year of lockdown for the COVID pandemic.

He is an enthusiastic community volunteer who manages various programmes, including a communal kitchen for homeless people and rough sleepers, the Little Litter League, and the Bookbike London free book sharing service.

He is one of England's twenty-one Lionheart squad members.

He enjoys teaching Hifdh the Quran, solving Rubik's cubes, and folding origami, but not necessarily in that order.

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Ustadh Faizul Islam is one of Darul Ummah Goresbrook's Khateeb. He also teaches our Quran class for adults.

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Ustadha Jesmin is a teacher at Darul Ummah Academy Goresbrook.

She holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science and has also finished a six-year course encompassing the traditional Dars Nizami syllabus with an emphasis on women's issues.

She then completed a one-year course in Advanced Arabic and enrolled in a specialised Jurisprudence course that covered Maqasid Ash-Sharia, Usul, and Fiqh.

In addition to her ongoing studies and teaching at the maktab, she offers online Arabic language sessions. She has prior experience as a Legal Advocate.


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