Jumma: 1st Khutbah 1.30pm︱2nd Khutbah 2pm
June 21, 2024

1:30 pm

2 Hours 49 Minutes
Begins2:40 am4:43 am1:08 pm6:40 pm9:25 pm10:42 pm
Jama’ah3:15 am1:30 pm7:30 pm9:30 pm10:55 pm

Madrasah (DUA)

Darul Ummah Academy Goresbrook provides a unique syllabus which covers Quranic recitation and memorisation, prophetic supplications and a structured approach to Islamic studies.

Our courses are delivered by a dedicated team consisting of qualified Islamic seminary graduates as well as experienced teachers.

Our aim is to create a generation of spiritually aligned youngsters, having a strong understanding of the core aspects of Islam, confident in reciting the Qur’an, growing up to be ambassadors of Islam who are prepared for the challenges of the modern world.